Suspected Derelict and Abandoned houses

There is a high probability that many thieves live in our suburb in an abandoned house. If you suspect a derelict house – please Write to Martin Van Niekerk at and explain that it has become a derelict building. A picture and owner’s contact details helps. please CC if in ward 42 or Siobhan ward 82 and complete the form below so that Waterkloof HomeOwners can track it and do a bulk follow through for the entire Waterkloof.

If you suspect a house of either being derelict or abandoned please log here

SW Update

As residents know SafeWaterkloof lodged its application for the closure of Waterkloof and part of Waterkloof Ridge with Tshwane.  This was approved subject to confirmation by the Spatial Land Development Tribunal (SLDT). Because of Tshwane being placed under Administration and possibly also as a result of the Lockdown, the convening of the SLDT has not taken place notwithstanding countless enquiries and demands by ourselves.  SafeWaterkloof has now taken legal advice from Gary Duke Attorneys in Johannesburg. They specialise in municipal related matters and their recommendation is that an application be made to the High Court for authority for us to commence with the implementation of the proposed security measures in our areas, i.e the Second Phase of the project. Instructions have accordingly been given to these attorneys to commence with the drafting of papers and we will keep you posted of developments.

Property Valuations

Every 4 years the City of Tshwane evaluates the valuation of our properties and increases the values.

This year the date for submitting objections to the valuation  of properties have been extended to 26 June 2020. 

The Valuation Roll is available on the City of Tshwane website OR

For your own properties the proposed *new valuations* have been shown on the monthly statements in the area where property rates are calculated. Most of the other required information can also be copied from the statement.

The prescribed forms for the lodging of an objection are obtainable below:

▪ Objection forms for Residential Properties –

▪ Objection forms for Business Properties –

▪ Objection forms for Agricultural Properties –

The closing date for objections has been extended to 12:00 on 26 June 2020.

Please note that no objection will be considered by the Municipality unless it is on the prescribed form and lodged before the closing date.

Due to the lockdown, *objection forms may be e-mailed* to

For enquiries please phone or e-mail:

Sherry Hendricks

012 358 8377


Letticia Tshuto

012 358 8343


Waterkloof HomeOwners Association

SafeWaterkloof update and patrols

Dear SafeWaterkloof Member


Approval Process

The following is an update from our December 2019 newsletter.  Our application has successfully passed through the various departments at City of Tshwane (CoT) and they have unanimously recommended and supported the scheme to the Spatial Land Development Tribunal (SLDT).  The Waterkloof Homeowners committee has written numerous letters to the authorities and Executive Mayor regarding the application being placed on the SLDT agenda. We have been informed the necessary submissions have been completed for the application to be reviewed at the end of February 2020.  We will however only be in a position to confirm later this month if the application is indeed on the agenda, and will communicate this to you in the following newsletter.

Once approved by the SLDT, there is a period for public participation of 40 days and thereafter the scheme will most likely proceed to a Special Tribunal (should public objections be received, which cannot be mitigated) with final approval expected in June 2020.  In the interim, members of the community have started a community patrolling initiative in conjunction with the Community Policing Forum, which will hopefully curb the alarming number of crimes which plague Waterkloof and Waterkloof Ridge.

We are confident the security initiative will be approved by the SLDT, it is also fully supported by City of Tshwane as well as both ward councillors.  


Awesome News – We have started Waterkloof Community Patrols in the Waterkloof area to fight crime – thank you Cobus. This is a great joint initiative between CPF Sector 2 and Waterkloof. The community patrolling initiative will assist in alleviating the problems we face during the interim (before monitored access), however for this scheme to be effective, we require volunteers to participate by way of patrolling streets, etc.  While patrolling during evenings and at night are particularly important, patrolling during the day would also be a valuable contribution given the number of crimes committed during the day. Should you be in a position to assist with this worthy interim initiative, please make contact with us per e-mail or:

In order to participate:

a. Simply register here on the website

b. SafeWaterkloof will verify your information an email and link to the group giving you access to the booking system (Google Sheet) here to start booking your time slots.

We’ve divided the Waterkloof suburb into 6 areas as per SafeWaterkloof see map below:

In the next newsletter we hope to have feedback of the submission to the SLDT, and commencement of the public participation process.  We are nearing the end of a long and arduous process, but the end is in sight.  Until then take care and be vigilant. 

If you have any queries, please contact us.


SafeWaterkloof committee

A Subcommittee of the Waterkloof Homeowners Association 

SafeWaterkloof update

Thanks to residents who started the patrols. This is now fully supported by the WaterKloof Homeowners. We believe that this measure will definitely help to reduce crime in our suburb. We the patrol tab on the website for more info.

We will more than likely be on the SLDT agenda end of Feb 2020, which means we could get approval at the same meeting. Once approved we will enter to a 40 day objection period. If we receive objections we will have a tribunal hearing. At the hearing if final approval will be given.

Payment Deposit 2 to date see below. We believe that once we get approval these numbers will increase substantially.

Update Oct 2019

From Jan (our consultant) 8th Oct 2019 – My indication is that City Planning will now soon send our report to the SLDT for principal approval, maybe even later this month
Some of my applications are going to the SLDT this Friday (11th Oct 2019), so we will soon know how the wind blows. I am feeling very positive.

I have met with the engineers that are drawing up the Terrain Development Plans and we hope to have these ready soon.