Ready to make a Payment

A – You have not signed the agreement or made any payments – follow from Step 1 to 3 below

B – You have already signed a membership agreement? Follow from Step 2 below

C – You have signed the agreement and made deposits 1 (R2,100) and Deposit 2 (R11,000) Follow from Step 3 below

Step 1 – Please Sign Agreement

    • Download Membership Agreement form here
    • Print, sign, scan and email to

Step 2 – Make Deposit 2 Payment

    • EFT R11,000 + R2,100 (Deposit 1) (with Payment Ref) details below:
    • Get payment ref from table below if ref number is not listed please email, 
    • Email to with proof of payment
    • If you would like to process Deposit 2 as a monthly debit order that would also be appreciated please complete this form here and email to

Step 3 – Sign Operational Phase Debit Order

      • We would appreciate if you could process a debit order for the payment for the monthly R730 initial 1 Nov 2021 here
      • Complete, sign, scan and email to
SafeWaterkloof NPC Trust Account
Bank: Nedbank Account Name: SafeWaterkloof NPC
Account Number: 1185885161
Branch Code: 198765
Account type: Cheque Account

Deposit 1 is R2,100.

Deposit 2 is R11,000

Monthly (Starting 1 Nov 2021) R730 per month