Estate Agent Info

Dear Estate Agent,

We hope that you are well. 

Here is a info pack for new residents 

Dear resident: 

We are hopeful that all of you are aware of the Safewaterkloof security initiative ( and what it could mean for property value over time. You play a huge role in this initiative as you are connecting with the new owners as they find their homes inside Waterkloof. 

We would appreciate it if you could get as much information to new residents as they purchase properties, and some information about them so that we can continue to connect with them in the operational stage.

We are expecting to get approval in the next few weeks from CoT.  

In view of above we humbly request the following:

A. Promote and direct the new resident/s to and specifically to which runs through the process of joining. Thanks. 

B. Give the resident a copy of the agreement and debit order available here and encourage them to sign. If they are happy to please could you scan and email to Thanks. 

C. Ask the new owners to contact their Street Captain if they would like more Info.

D. Send the contact details and address of the new owner/s to Thanks. 

On behalf of Safewaterkloof committee