Street Captains

Are you able to be a Street Captain?

If you wish for Waterkloof it would great for you to get involved to create a safe suburb. We would to love you to assist in getting the support for this initiative from the residents around you. Based on past experience the best way to achieve this is for residents to canvas for this support. The attached map showing current Street Captains.

If you are able to act as a street captain please let us know at Together we can do this.

Street Captain map

Q: What will this entail?

  1. Establish the properties in your allocated block and verify resident information against Safe Waterkloof database.
  2. Supply updated information to Safe Waterkloof (
  3. Obtain signed agreements for residents not yet signed up to the Safe Waterkloof initiative.
  4. Obtain Deposit 1 (R2,100) where applicable.
  5. Obtain Deposit 2 (R11,000) and Debit Order (R730 monthly) where applicable.

What else could you do?

Please send your contact information, name, surname, physical address, erf number and mobile to so that we can confirm that we have your correct details for further communication.

Alternatively if you have a list of contact people in your neighbourhood, we would appreciate if you could forward them to