What We Will Get

Vision/The Security Plan

If the entire Waterkloof goes in together the plan will include:

  1. 5 x 24 hour manned entrances
  2. 6 x 12 hour manned entrances
  3. 4 x 12 hours motorized sliding gates
  4. 11 x locked gates with pedestrian entrances
  5. Effective outer perimeter protection
  6. Surveillance –  Camera system with License Plate Recognition & Facial Recognition cameras
  7. Estate & technical managers
  8. Pro-active patrolling – 2 x Dedicated patrol vehicle with 2x armed officers each
  9. On Site Control Room monitoring
  10. Professional Administration
  11. Effective management,Administration  & Bookkeeping
  12. Professional supervision

Details of entrances and extent of initiative are shown below.  Click on the gate icon to see detail of the gate.

This is what has been submitted to council:

24-Hour Manned Entrances

Boomed entrance
24hr manned. Each entrance is monitored with 8 cameras, 2 number plate recons and 2 facial recons. Booms are down outside of peak hours.

Motorised Sliding Gates

Motorised sliding gate
Sliding means it will have to be able to be opened with a missed call from a resident’s cell phone with caller ID.  This is instead of a remote system which is difficult to manage when residents change.

Locked Gates

This is a permanently locked gate.

Camera-Controlled Entry & Exit

Camera-controlled entry & exit
Steel island for easy dismantling.
Automated entrance
Automated entrance, maximum delay 7 seconds.

Control Room

Control room
24hr Monitoring control room.

2 Armed Patrol Vehicles with 2 Guards

2 Armed guards per vehicle (thanks to Tactical Reaction for the picture).