What you need to know

The crime will decrease

No more armed robberies, hi-jackings or break-ins. 

Your property values will increase

Property values have increased by 5% – 10% in by boomed off areas similar Safe Waterkloof.

It’s a community project

Safe Waterkloof is entirely driven by volunteers who want a safer community for us all. It’s a community project, by the community, for the community.

Here is more helpful info:

What is Safe Waterkloof (SW) exactly?

The booming off of Waterkloof area with controlled access points.

See a map with the enclosure boundary here.

11 Guard houses with unarmed guards, 24 hours a day.

A centralised radio network with patrol vehicles.

I’m renting my house out, or I’m selling it, why should I pay?

Your property price will increase by at least 5% once SW is in place – this is based on similar closures such as Groenkloof and Lynnwood.

Let’s say your house is currently valued at R2 million. Your property value will increase by at least R100 000 – and that’s being conservative. 

That means your property value will increase by R100 000, by spending only R11 000?

If you house is worth more than R2 million, your property value will increase by even more…

It’s probably the best money you can spend to protect and increase your property;s value.

Your rental will also increase by at least 5% as your property will be inside a sought after boomed-off area.

SO if you’re currently renting out your property for R30 000 pm, this you can expect an increase of R1500.  You’ve recouped your R11 000 within 7,5 months at the increased rental.

So even if you’re not living in your property, it makes sense to support SW for the value it will add to your property value.

I don’t have R11000 – can I pay it off over time?

Absolutely, we know it’s a lot of money. 

Set up a payment plan within your budget, and make sure to use your name as reference in your payment.

Email us at contact@safewaterkloof.co.za and we’ll happily help you with this.

What is SW going to cost me each month once fully operational?

This is still being negotiated with the security companies. 

You can expect the monthly debit order to be between R400pm and R800pm.

The exact cost will be confirmed asap.

What about my existing armed reaction?

We suggest that you wait until the monthly cost for SW has been finalised with the security companies tendering for SW. Once this is confirmed, you can decide whether to keep your existing armed reaction or not.

Is there a chance that SW might not go ahead?

There is less than 1% chance that SW wont go ahead. 

We already have 60% of the funds needed. 

All the necessary approvals have been received.

We just need your deposit of R11000 to make it happen.

What if I don’t pay? What’s the alternative?

If you don’t pay, you can continue fighting crime alone.

You can continue spending tens of thousands of Rands on your personal security – more beams, more panic buttons, higher walls. 

And the crime in Waterkloof will remain the same, or get worse. This means more weekly break ins, armed robberies and an unsafe suburb.


 You can contribute toward SW and we can control who comes in and out of our suburb and reduce the crime significantly for everyone.

What should I do next?

Follow these 3 steps for a guaranteed safer Waterkloof

Pay your R11 000 – see bank details below

SafeWaterkloof NPC Trust Account

Bank: Nedbank Account Name: SafeWaterkloof NPC

Account Number: 1185885161

Branch Code: 198765

Account type: Cheque Account

Use your name and address as reference

Sign the SW Agreement

Download the Membership Agreement here.

Email to contact@safewaterkloof.co.za

Sign the Debit Order mandate here

This will cover the monthly running costs of SW once operational.

Do you have any questions?

Email us at contact@safewaterkloof.co.za and we’ll answer them for you.

We are here to help.

The Safe Waterkloof Volunteers