Why is the additional R5,000 necessary

Why is the additional R5,000 necessary to cover a shortfall for SafeWaterkloof? 

There are a number of reasons: 

  • We still have a shortfall on capital of R3.07m;
  • Approximately 55% of the total available residents have contributed their second deposits (this is much lower than we expected); 
  • 168 members have signed an agreement but have not paid their 2nd deposits;
  • There have been additional legal costs (3 High court cases);
  • On-going financial management monthly costs to i.e. StreetSafe and our contractor; 
  • Increased construction costs – the original contract value at tender stage 2021 was R11.6m and now has gone up to R12.2m mainly due to steel prices. 

We are requesting an additional R5,000 per house. This is based on an estimated 620 (45%) residents x R5,000 = R3,1m. 

If we receive more than required – you will get a credit on your monthly amount.

Visit https://safewaterkloof.co.za/payment-refs/ for new ABSA bank details and to find your reference number.

We have already received over R200,000 in shortfall payments. Thank you very much to those who have already made payment. We appreciate your support – let’s make this happen.


Why is the Reapplication necessary?

Application process:

Every two (2) years, a renewal application needs to be submitted to the City Of Tshwane. In the case of SafeWaterkloof, this needs to be submitted by 11 November 2022 deadline. 

Part of the process is to update the following items:

  • Traffic study – we have received a number of quotes and have appointed LD&S to do the traffic counts and study during the month of October
  • Support base: We need to demonstrate that SafeWaterkloof has seventy (70)% support. 
  • Updated crime stats

Consent Form:

This will be achieved via a consent form, which will be sent out via e-mail with subject “Safe Waterkloof Reapplication Consent Form” from E-Sign in the course of the next day and will need to be digitally signed by each household please. 

This form will be sent from E-Sign – please watch out for an email subject line “Safe Waterkloof Reapplication Consent Form”.  This can be completed via mobile or from your desktop.  

Many thanks in advance for signing the consent form.


Register for pedestrian gate access

In order to start the operations of the pedestrian gates – we will need to register all the users of the gates. The gates will only be in operational 

There are two ways to access the gates:

  • Smart phone (App that connects to the gate)
  • Non Smart phone (each gate will have a unique number that can be accessed through a missed call)

Smart phone

Access is via a Bluetooth Device (which is not dependent on a cellular network which may be negatively affected during load shedding). Once you are within the bluetooth range it will show the gate on the Fluss app. 

Non smart phone

Each pedestrian gate is fitted with a GSM module that can write 500 numbers. The gate will be opened using a missed call to the unique number for each gate. 

The gates will NOT be able to be opened remotely as the person who opened the gate, cannot see who enters or exits.

To register for pedestrian gate access please visit this page here.


What do I need to do to support and get operational?

We would love to get our suburb secure – you could assist by actioning the following:

  • Pay Second Deposit – Residents who have not yet paid their second deposit of R11 000, need to do so.
  • Additional deposit – residents are requested to contribute an additional R5 000 per home in order to cover the shortfall so that SafeWaterkloof can be brought online. Please use the same reference number until communicated otherwise.
  • Sign Debit Orders or EFT  with a monthly contribution of R650 for the operational costs of Safe Waterkloof will be activated and need to be paid starting on 1 November 2022.
  • Complete consent form – Residents need to complete a consent form for the renewal application which needs to be submitted to the City Of Tshwane by 11 November 2022. This was emailed to you. If you have not received this please email contact@safewaterkloof.co.za and let us know.
  • Register for pedestrian gate access – please visit this page here

SafeWaterkloof would like to thank those residents who have already contributed financially and continue to do so.  If there is anyone who would like to, in addition to their own financial contribution, contribute financially for a resident who cannot afford to and or contribute their time in order to assist SafeWaterkloof and thereby assist fellow residents, please send an email to contact@safewaterkloof.co.za.