Update December 2021

Dear Neighbours, we trust that you are well.

Welcome to the December 2021 newsletter!!!

Construction Progress

We are pleased to report that construction is progressing well, with most of the full closure areas (11 gates) having received fencing and paving to pedestrian gates.  The following is a summary of the progress made to date (photo album here)

  • Permanent signboards erected;
  • Construction of guardhouse platforms, pedestrian walkway paving;
  • Crosscutting for electricity reticulation;
  • Fencing in Dorado Street next to the dog park and the steel poles for the road closure;
  • Fencing and paving completed for Stella, May, Nicolson (west), Olivier, Clark, Rautenbach, Kloof (north and south), Milner (west), Canopus, Antares, Bootes and Dorado; and
  • Road islands manufactured and painted, and ready to go in. 

We have also received signed agreements for electricity and water supply from most of the residents adjacent to gates and booms where this is required. We would like to thank owners that have agreed to make these essential utility connections at their properties.

Going forward we envisage the following:

  • Installation of the steel islands which have been manufactured and delivered;
  • Erection of the remaining fencing inserts by Fencing Materials in the next few days;
  • Having all the locked gates up and in operation by Dec close;

The islands and their booms will be transported to their spots at the 11 entrances and placed over the holiday period.

The guard houses have not been ordered. We can only order these once Cashflow permits. The preparation will take at least a month to get all the basic material. Placement will happen in month 3 and this means if we order in January, we will have the first guardhouses up by middle March and the last in place by end of April. Therefore the guards can be planned from 1 April 2022.

Main Street Urgent Application

In October 2021 a resident in Main Street (west of Crown Avenue) launched an urgent Court Application in an attempt to prevent appointed contractors from constructing the gates for SafeWaterkloof.  The Application was opposed by SafeWaterkloof and Affidavits filed.  The application was successfully opposed and a cost order was granted in favour of SafeWaterkloof.

SafeWaterkloof Members Meeting and WHA AGM

A SafeWaterkloof residents meeting and WHA AGM will be scheduled for January 2022 to provide feedback to residents and stakeholders, so please look out for notifications in this regard.

Community Event

In January 2022 we will be holding a SafeWaterkloof information event on a Saturday morning, at the corner of Crown Avenue and Main Street.  More details on this to follow in the new year.


The very real possibility that Safe Waterkloof could be fully operational in March 2022, emphasises the need to secure the balance of the required funding. As reported in our previous communication, the construction that is underway has been made possible through the collection of R8.7million (for all phases) from SafeWaterkloof members, who have paid their first and second deposits. To complete the initiative we require the remaining R3.91 million before Feb 2022. In order to make the initiative a reality and ensure implementation happens as quickly as possible, we urgently need everyone’s continued support and most importantly those residents who haven’t paid deposit 2 yet, to do so.  To date, approximately 57% of the residents have paid deposit 2.  Please pay your deposit 2 today, and should you have any queries, please contact us at contact@safewaterkloof.co.za

A summary of our current finances is as follows:


Monthly contributions 

Monthly contributions will be R650 per month per residence. This is based on 70% of the residents contributing towards the initiative. Should we be able to secure additional contributing members, the monthly contribution will be reduced further. 

Debit orders 

Debit orders for monthly contributions will commence on 1 March 2022, once the manned gates are operational and guards are in place.  Please complete the debit order form here and return completed forms to contact@safewaterkloof.co.za

Instructions for gate usage 

We will be sending out instructions on the operations of the gates.  The sliding gates will be able to be accessed by a smart app for paying members only. 


Below is a map of the proposed gates. It comprises 21 gates, 6 manned for 24hrs and 5 manned from 6am to 6pm and 10 gates that are either permanently closed or have sliding gates. More information is available at www.safewaterkloof.co.za

Best wishes 

Safewaterkloof team