Monthly Operational

Dear SafeWaterkloof Member,

We hope this letter finds you well. As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and
security of our community, we are continually evaluating and maintaining our security measures.
This includes regular patrols, advanced surveillance systems, and prompt response services, all
of which are vital for maintaining a secure environment for all residents.

Over the past 20 months, we have faced increasing costs in providing these essential services.
In order to sustain the high level of security that we have all come to expect and benefitted from,
it is necessary to implement a modest increase in the monthly security fee. We have managed
to maintain the initiative without any fee increases until now, demonstrating its effectiveness
with over a greater than 80% reduction in crime incidents since 2022.

Effective 01 July 2024, the monthly security fee will be adjusted from R650 to R750 per month.
This adjustment allows us to cover some of the rising costs of security personnel, equipment
maintenance, and technological upgrades that are crucial for our safety measures. This
increase assumes that we reach a 70% contribution target of 920 members by the end of

Should we fail to reach this contribution target, which is 920 residents, a second increase may
need to be implemented on 01 October 2024, which would not be more than R850 per month.
We understand that any increase in fees will be challenging, and we have done our best to keep
this adjustment as low as possible while maintaining continued safety and protection of our

We appreciate your understanding and continued support in making our community a safe and
secure place to live. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this adjustment,
please do not hesitate to contact us at
Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to our community’s security.

Warm regards,
SafeWaterkloof NPC BoD and committee


A short update on our current situation.

We really need you to contribute to the initiative on a monthly basis. We have only collected R193,000 of the R560,000. Only 21% of residents have contributed and we need at least 65%. If you are able, and in order for the gates to function effectively, we would appreciate it if you could make a monthly payment of R650. Please visit

Crime Shedding:
We are in Stage 4 and ideally should be in Stage 0.
This table lists the planned stages for the achievement of full operations:







We are currently operating at Stage 4. Our next target is Stage 3.

In November, only R193,450 was collected which is just over half of what we need to pay for the planned Stage 3 operations. 324 Debit Order and EFT payments were received.
Thank you to those who have paid. However, unless we receive an immediate upswing in levy payments we will only be able to go to Stage 3 in 2023.
We need all members to pay their monthly levies to make it work.


Live dashboard available here

Operational Contributions:
The monthly cost of the initiative for each erf is R650, effective from 01 November 2022.
Payment options to the SW Operations Account:
1) Self-scheduled EFT
2) Debit Order to pro admin (link here)
3) Bulk EFT (e.g. 12 X R650=R7,800)

Outstanding Capital:
We are still short of R1.7m for the physical completion of the gates:
Deposit 1: R2 100 per member
Deposit 2: R11 000 per member
Deposit 3: R5 000 per member

If you are able to contribute please visit

Many thanks.

Safewaterkloof Committee

Why is the reapplication necessary?

Application process:
Every two (2) years, a renewal application needs to be submitted to the City Of Tshwane. In the case of SafeWaterkloof, this needs to be submitted by 11 November 2022 deadline.

Part of the process is to update the following items:
Traffic study – we have received a number of quotes and have appointed LD&S to do the traffic counts and study during the month of October
Support base: We need to demonstrate that SafeWaterkloof has seventy (70)% support.
Updated crime stats

Consent Form:
This will be achieved via a consent form, which will be sent out via e-mail with subject “Safe Waterkloof Reapplication Consent Form” from E-Sign in the course of the next day and will need to be digitally signed by each household please.

This form will be sent from E-Sign – please watch out for an email subject line “Safe Waterkloof Reapplication Consent Form”. This can be completed via mobile or from your desktop.

Many thanks in advance for signing the consent form.

Many thanks
SafeWaterkloof committee

Project Update

Dear SafeWaterkloof Residents

We trust that you are well.

Guardhouses and Fencing Progress 

Much of the guardhouse progress of late has been off-site with the construction of guardhouses in the N4 Gateway factory, and thereafter delivered to site as a completed unit. The current plan is for the remaining 4x guardhouses to be installed, commissioned and operation-ready during the first weeks of September 2022.

The fencing contractor has also advanced to the final stages of the installation and all outstanding works have been completed. The works will be inspected by the Civil Engineer and final payment made to the Contractor.

We have reached the final stage of project execution, which commenced in 2017. Congratulations to every contributing member for their support and ongoing trust in the initiative.  It has been a huge undertaking, and at times seemed impossible to achieve, without your support, we could never have reached this stage. 

Guarding Services

You would have noticed guards stationed at some of the entrance gates during the month of July 2022. This was undertaken as part of an awareness campaign and to test the installed equipment.  There were numerous lessons learned through this undertaking and a few tweaks will be introduced at all our entrances as a result.

The exercise also highlighted the importance of smart technology deployment at all gates, which includes the camera system, and direct communication with the onsite control room, etc. The SafeWaterkloof initiative will only be effective once the full security system is installed and commissioned, as planned. The on-site manager will be a crucial piece of the puzzle. 

Information meeting

Thank you to members for attending the information meeting on Tuesday, 24 May 2022 at NG Stella Church. It was great to see the turnout, roughly 60 residents physically in addition to over 110 members dialling in and participating over Zoom.

Funding Shortfall

As discussed at the information session, there remains a budget shortfall of R2.2 million to complete the scheme.  This is as a result of residents who signed the SafeWaterkloof contract in support of the initiative, and have subsequently not paid the respective deposits. We implore residents who have not yet paid the deposits to please do so as a matter of urgency.  The alternative would be to ask paid-up residents to consider a further contribution to make up the shortfall so that the scheme continues to be implemented.

The shortfall in funding will be used to pay back loans which were necessary for the procurement of guardhouses, legal fees in order to defend a court case brought against the initiative, and funding of components at the entrance gates.

Court Case

We are currently awaiting judgement in the matter involving an individual outside of the SafeWaterkloof initiative, who has raised an objection.  Arguments were heard on 21 and 22 July 2022 in the Gauteng North High Court and judgement was reserved. We will keep you updated regarding this matter. This application is not stopping us from proceeding with the initiative.

Next Steps

Going forward, we request that you engage with your neighbour and motivate them to make payment of Deposit 2 if they have not done so yet. 

If you haven’t already paid your Deposit 2 of R11,000 please do so urgently- thank you.  The progress on site with regards to the fencing, booms and guard houses etc is proof that this initiative is finally a reality, the new norm, and the only way we can sustainably safeguard our suburb and families. We have overcome many challenges along the way and we cannot achieve this final hurdle without your Deposit 2 and ongoing monthly support.


The initiative may only proceed to the Operational Phase upon completion of the Construction Phase.  It is our plan for operations to start on 1 November 2022 in terms of the CoT approval granted to SafeWaterkloof.  However, should there be a shortfall in operational funding, we have no option other than to reduce the number of guarded gates, and leave unguarded gates open until such time that we can afford to deploy guards at all gates.  We will share details of the updated debit form on our website and via email, please complete the pledge form here to pay by EFT on a monthly basis.

Please be aware of the infrastructure (islands, booms, etc.) that has been installed at the entrance gates.  Please take care when proceeding through these areas as damage to infrastructure is costly to repair. The completion is dependent on the successful collection of outstanding Deposit 2’s from approximately 200 residents (R2.2m).

Please encourage your neighbours, who have not yet joined the initiative, to join and participate in the only long term security solution for the suburb.  This is a community initiative, let’s stand together in support of SafeWaterkloof.

Warm regards

Safewaterkloof Team

Delivery of initial guardhouses

Dear Residents

We are excited to announce that the first guard house, at Crown Street, has been delivered on 10 May 2022.

This is the raw structure with the cabling, panels and chemical toilet to be installed from 11 May onwards. We are also aiming to have a guard placed at Crown Street from 12 May.

We expect that additional guard houses will be delivered every few days as funds are collected. We will also be implementing guards as cash is collected. The guardhouses have been sponsored until the collections have been received. 

We have committed to a period of 3 months and the CCTV rental contract can only be signed once we have sufficient Debits Orders (monthly collections in place).

We still have a shortfall to complete the construction (and Phase 2) and would appreciate it if you contribute to Deposit 2 and sign up for debit order information here

Let’s get this done.


Safewaterkloof Team

Operations/Estate Manager: Job Description

SafeWaterkloof (SW) is looking to fill the Operations/Estate Manager role. This role would include for the following duties:

Operational items:

  1. Complete supervision of all guards at the entrances and patrolling. Entrance Inspections and reporting is up to the standard as agreed in the Site Procedure Manual. (SPM).
  • check their inscriptions into the OB’s and make a list of their late postings; 
  • regular meetings with guards managers to ensure the cleanliness of guards and huts;
  • make the security service providers supervisors aware of any issues raised by the guards, keep a strict but friendly stance with them and ensure guards are supported to do a proper job.
  1. Responsible for visiting each and every incident as soon as humanly possible after it occurred. A complete investigation needs to be completed in writing indicating at least the following:
  • Where?
  • What happened?
  • When?
  • Who was involved?
  • Are the residents’ members of SW?
  • What security company do they belong to?
  • Security in place at the premises?
  • Were the systems in working order?
  • Were the systems activated?
  • How did the perpetrators get entrance?
  • Where and when did the exit?
  • Were they armed and was force used?
  • Where are the people residing on the premises on site?
  • How did they warn the system?
  • What was the reaction and was it correct?
  • What needs to be done to prevent repetition?
  • Update CRM crime database;
  • Photographic evidence;
  • Collation of the SAPS statements for record purposes. 
  1. Attend all the scheduled KPI meetings with the security service providers and are to report specifically on the following:
  • Every incident that happened the previous month in the detail described above;
  • An updated map with all incidents accurately plotted;
  • The exact number of supervisory visits undertaken by the security service provider the past month per gate;
  • Late postings the past month;
  • Checks on the panic systems in the guard huts;
  • Checks on the Radio system and if all radios are working at all times. Check that all stations can hear each other, the control room and the patrol vehicle;
  • Checks that the suspicious vehicle lists are given to the guards and that they are alert to watch out for these vehicles;
  • Is the patrol vehicle cellular phone working and answered when phoned?
  • Are all cameras working and do our Control Room get the signals?
  • Are faulty booms, gates and equipment reported and timeously repaired?
  • How has the system performed the past month?
  • Has every incident been resolved and are the owners satisfied with SW service?
  • What needs to be followed up?
  1. Following up all incidents and tasks by all service providers in the SW area to ensure the work has been done properly, the customers are satisfied and a high-quality operation is produced.
  1. Initiate and maintain a complete intelligence gathering system in SW. This must include workers, maids, children, the guards, the patrol vehicles, etc.
  1. Initiate a “Guard Assistance Program” by members and residents of SW that are prepared to patrol, help with gathering of information, assist during incidents etc. These people must be trained, scheduled and assisted to safeguard the SW. 
  1. Start a radio group and will need to act as the coordinator and trainer.
  1. Responsible for all incidents and emergencies in the SW area and will follow this through until the perpetrators are caught or out of the SW area.
  1. Open direct liaison with the SAPS, CPF and the Metro Police and build up a working relationship with them;
  1. Represent SW on the Brooklyn Sector CPF 2 and 4;
  1. Ensure that all SW members will display member boards and remove those that are not members;
  1. Responsible for visiting all empty stands on a continuous basis and ensuring that no vagrants stay there. Contact owners of empty stands directly and discuss solutions with them;
  1. Visit all building sites continuously, make copies of all workers IDs, take pictures and ensure they are legally on the site. Also liaise directly with the owners and contractors in this regard. Ensure that just the allowed number of people sleep over;
  1. Report any irregularities to the BoD immediately;
  1. Any potential advertising in the area shall be brought to the attention of the BoD;
  1. Attendance at SW BoD- and related meetings, as and when, requested by the BoD of SW;
  1. Be the first line of contact for SW with regard to technical faults reported. 
  • When faults are reported it will be the estate manager’s responsibility to investigate the extent of the problem as soon as possible.
  • It will then be the Estate Manager’s responsibility to either effect repairs as soon as possible, or assess the costs involved if the repairs are not within the scope of his/her ability, and to obtain quotes if external contractors are involved. 
  • It is the Estate Manager’s responsibility to identify any potential defects that may occur and remedy them to prevent any further / lasting damage. 
  1. The estate manager is the key holder of all gates in the estate. When necessary, he/she may unlock the gates either at the request of BoD or in an emergency situation.  At no time may the set of keys be given to any other person without prior permission from the BoD;
  1. Inspection of the structures of the estate on a daily basis is required and to take preventative action to maintain functionality and cleanliness: 
  • Regular testing of gates;
  • Cleaning of gate structures and environment;
  • Checking electricity readings and sending it through to the admin office for payment;
  • Ensure that any Estate repairs are inspected and completed properly and to a good standard;
  • Keep records of all repair work in the Estate;
  • Report any irregularities to the BoD;
  • Report on the monthly “uptime” of each gate;
  • The SW BoD must be informed, at least one month prior, if the estate manager will not be available for any period longer than 2 days. It is also his/her responsibility to contract a suitable replacement to continue with the work in the absence of the estate manager which will be subject to the approval of the BoD. The Estate manager will also be responsible for the salary of his/her understudy.
  1. Management of the petty cash budget;
  1. Attendance of ad-hoc SW Committee meetings for input and presentation of monthly report (format to be agreed);
  1. Attend training courses relating to the estates assets e.g. cameras, etc.;

Technical issues

  1. First line of contact for SW with regard to technical faults reported:
    1. When faults are reported it will be his/her responsibility to investigate the extent of the problem as soon as possible.
    2. It will then be his/her responsibility to either effect repairs as soon as possible, or assess the costs involved if the repairs are not within the scope of his/her ability, and to obtain quotes if external contractors are involved.
    3. It is his/her responsibility to identify any potential defects that may occur and remedy them to prevent any further / lasting damage.
  2. Key holder of all gates in the estate. When necessary, the gates may be unlocked either at the request of BoD or in an emergency situation. At no time may the set of keys be given to any other person without prior permission from BoD.
  3. Responsible to inspect the structures of the estate on a daily basis and to take preventative action to maintain functionality and cleanliness:
    1. Regular testing of gates;
    2. Cleaning of gate structures and environment; 
    3. Ensuring payment of prepaid electricity meters and water sending through to admin office for payment;
    4. Ensure that sufficient airtime is loaded on DDR’sDDRs at sliding- and pedestrian gates;
    5. Ensure that any Estate repairs are inspected and completed properly and to a good standard;
    6. Keep records of all repair work in the Estate;
    7. Report any irregularities to BoD.
    8. Attend SW BoD and related meetings, as and when, requested by the BoD of SW;
    9. Report on the monthly “uptime” of each gate;
    10. SW BoD must be informed, at least one month prior, if you will not be available for any period longer than 2 days. It is the responsibility of the estate manager to also contract a suitable replacement to continue with his/her work in his/her absence. The replacement is subject to the approval of the BoD. The estate manager  will also be responsible for the salary of the understudy;
    11. Communicate any gates “Out of Order” to residents by way of the messaging channels, or alternatively request a Board or committee member to update Messaging channels;
    12. Courteously respond to any technical issues raised by members via eMail, telephone or on the message channels 

Conditions of employment are negotiable. 

Further requirements

  • SAPS clearance
  • no previous criminal records
  • previous employment records

If you are interested in the position please could you apply forward application to 



SafeWaterkloof Committee

SafeWaterkloof History

It has been a journey that started in July 2017. We have had many obstacles to deal with including a High Court application and 2 applications against the initiative from Rupert Street residents and a resident from Main Street West. 

Here is a link to the order of events of the SafeWaterkloof.

We trust that you would see the reasons for some of the delays we have experienced in getting this project off the ground.


SafeWaterkloof Team

Financial Update 

We still need approximately R3m for the completion of the construction. Below is a summary of the current status:

Monthly operations

Total cost for operation of the initiative on a monthly basis is estimated at R563,000 broken down as per below:

Debit Order

How much is the debit order? 

R 650-00 pm

We are confident that at least 65% of the residents will be contributing R650 per month.  If we are able to get this number higher we are able to reduce this monthly amount accordingly i.e. if we could get 75% contribution then monthly could be about R550. 

When does it start? 

1 March 2022 for start of operation on 1 April. We need to start the debit orders on 1 March and have the funds in the bank (i.e.debit orders in place) before we can commit to the guarding services on 1 April. 

What does the debit order cover?

Guards, CCTV monitoring, maintenance and insurance, Estate Manager, Levy Administration and Bookkeeping by Paxton, Annual Audit fees, Insurance and Public liability cover for our own NPC, Provision for  our re-application, gate administration, Streetsafe management and a Reserve fund.

This amount does not include armed response. We are still negotiating  armed response monthly amounts from the current providers – this will be in the order of R350 per month. 

How do I sign up for a debit order? 

Documentation on the website, via street captains, at the on site control room in Crown Street, at each guard house.  Here is the link to the debit order form.

How can I cancel my debit order? 

In writing to our administrators Paxton Cerva or contact your bank. Most banks also have the debit order cancel option on their mobile apps. 

If Debit Order is not for you then please consider paying by scheduled monthly EFT. Account details here

Appointment of the guarding and CCTV contracts

Tender process

Safe Waterkloof sent out an invitation to propose on the Guarding and CCTV contracts on 2 April 2021 with a closing date of 5pm on 13 May 2021. 

The original tender documents and specifications can be found here 

  • Guarding
  • CCTV

The following companies were invited for Guarding 

  • Axon 
  • CSI
  • DCM
  • Interactive
  • Fidelity
  • Liquid Gold Security 
  • Securezza
  • TR Group 

The following were invited for CCTV:

  • CSI
  • Ditaba CMS
  • Fidelity
  • Gentech
  • TR Group 
  • Vox 


Tender packs were prepared by Streetsafe on 7th June 2021. 

The following companies were shortlisted for Presentation. Presentations were given to the committee on 2021-07-27

For Guarding 

  • Axon
  • CSI 
  • Interactive 
  • Fidelity 


  • Fidelity 
  • Vox 

Shortlist presentation

Another presentation was given to including the Stella representatives on 2021-10-25 from the following companies 

  • Axon
  • CSI
  • Fidelity
  • Interactive 

Contract Award

After an extensive decision process Fidelity have been appointed for the guarding and CCTV contracts.

Tomorrow’s newsletter will discuss the interim and operating of the gates.


Safewaterkloof Team