Delivery of initial guardhouses

Dear Residents

We are excited to announce that the first guard house, at Crown Street, has been delivered on 10 May 2022.

This is the raw structure with the cabling, panels and chemical toilet to be installed from 11 May onwards. We are also aiming to have a guard placed at Crown Street from 12 May.

We expect that additional guard houses will be delivered every few days as funds are collected. We will also be implementing guards as cash is collected. The guardhouses have been sponsored until the collections have been received. 

We have committed to a period of 3 months and the CCTV rental contract can only be signed once we have sufficient Debits Orders (monthly collections in place).

We still have a shortfall to complete the construction (and Phase 2) and would appreciate it if you contribute to Deposit 2 and sign up for debit order information here

Let’s get this done.


Safewaterkloof Team