Project Update

Dear SafeWaterkloof Residents

We trust that you are well.

Guardhouses and Fencing Progress 

Much of the guardhouse progress of late has been off-site with the construction of guardhouses in the N4 Gateway factory, and thereafter delivered to site as a completed unit. The current plan is for the remaining 4x guardhouses to be installed, commissioned and operation-ready during the first weeks of September 2022.

The fencing contractor has also advanced to the final stages of the installation and all outstanding works have been completed. The works will be inspected by the Civil Engineer and final payment made to the Contractor.

We have reached the final stage of project execution, which commenced in 2017. Congratulations to every contributing member for their support and ongoing trust in the initiative.  It has been a huge undertaking, and at times seemed impossible to achieve, without your support, we could never have reached this stage. 

Guarding Services

You would have noticed guards stationed at some of the entrance gates during the month of July 2022. This was undertaken as part of an awareness campaign and to test the installed equipment.  There were numerous lessons learned through this undertaking and a few tweaks will be introduced at all our entrances as a result.

The exercise also highlighted the importance of smart technology deployment at all gates, which includes the camera system, and direct communication with the onsite control room, etc. The SafeWaterkloof initiative will only be effective once the full security system is installed and commissioned, as planned. The on-site manager will be a crucial piece of the puzzle. 

Information meeting

Thank you to members for attending the information meeting on Tuesday, 24 May 2022 at NG Stella Church. It was great to see the turnout, roughly 60 residents physically in addition to over 110 members dialling in and participating over Zoom.

Funding Shortfall

As discussed at the information session, there remains a budget shortfall of R2.2 million to complete the scheme.  This is as a result of residents who signed the SafeWaterkloof contract in support of the initiative, and have subsequently not paid the respective deposits. We implore residents who have not yet paid the deposits to please do so as a matter of urgency.  The alternative would be to ask paid-up residents to consider a further contribution to make up the shortfall so that the scheme continues to be implemented.

The shortfall in funding will be used to pay back loans which were necessary for the procurement of guardhouses, legal fees in order to defend a court case brought against the initiative, and funding of components at the entrance gates.

Court Case

We are currently awaiting judgement in the matter involving an individual outside of the SafeWaterkloof initiative, who has raised an objection.  Arguments were heard on 21 and 22 July 2022 in the Gauteng North High Court and judgement was reserved. We will keep you updated regarding this matter. This application is not stopping us from proceeding with the initiative.

Next Steps

Going forward, we request that you engage with your neighbour and motivate them to make payment of Deposit 2 if they have not done so yet. 

If you haven’t already paid your Deposit 2 of R11,000 please do so urgently- thank you.  The progress on site with regards to the fencing, booms and guard houses etc is proof that this initiative is finally a reality, the new norm, and the only way we can sustainably safeguard our suburb and families. We have overcome many challenges along the way and we cannot achieve this final hurdle without your Deposit 2 and ongoing monthly support.


The initiative may only proceed to the Operational Phase upon completion of the Construction Phase.  It is our plan for operations to start on 1 November 2022 in terms of the CoT approval granted to SafeWaterkloof.  However, should there be a shortfall in operational funding, we have no option other than to reduce the number of guarded gates, and leave unguarded gates open until such time that we can afford to deploy guards at all gates.  We will share details of the updated debit form on our website and via email, please complete the pledge form here to pay by EFT on a monthly basis.

Please be aware of the infrastructure (islands, booms, etc.) that has been installed at the entrance gates.  Please take care when proceeding through these areas as damage to infrastructure is costly to repair. The completion is dependent on the successful collection of outstanding Deposit 2’s from approximately 200 residents (R2.2m).

Please encourage your neighbours, who have not yet joined the initiative, to join and participate in the only long term security solution for the suburb.  This is a community initiative, let’s stand together in support of SafeWaterkloof.

Warm regards

Safewaterkloof Team