Why is the reapplication necessary?

Application process:
Every two (2) years, a renewal application needs to be submitted to the City Of Tshwane. In the case of SafeWaterkloof, this needs to be submitted by 11 November 2022 deadline.

Part of the process is to update the following items:
Traffic study – we have received a number of quotes and have appointed LD&S to do the traffic counts and study during the month of October
Support base: We need to demonstrate that SafeWaterkloof has seventy (70)% support.
Updated crime stats

Consent Form:
This will be achieved via a consent form, which will be sent out via e-mail with subject “Safe Waterkloof Reapplication Consent Form” from E-Sign in the course of the next day and will need to be digitally signed by each household please.

This form will be sent from E-Sign – please watch out for an email subject line “Safe Waterkloof Reapplication Consent Form”. This can be completed via mobile or from your desktop.

Many thanks in advance for signing the consent form.

Many thanks
SafeWaterkloof committee