A short update on our current situation.

We really need you to contribute to the initiative on a monthly basis. We have only collected R193,000 of the R560,000. Only 21% of residents have contributed and we need at least 65%. If you are able, and in order for the gates to function effectively, we would appreciate it if you could make a monthly payment of R650. Please visit http://www.safewaterkloof.co.za/payment-refs

Crime Shedding:
We are in Stage 4 and ideally should be in Stage 0.
This table lists the planned stages for the achievement of full operations:







We are currently operating at Stage 4. Our next target is Stage 3.

In November, only R193,450 was collected which is just over half of what we need to pay for the planned Stage 3 operations. 324 Debit Order and EFT payments were received.
Thank you to those who have paid. However, unless we receive an immediate upswing in levy payments we will only be able to go to Stage 3 in 2023.
We need all members to pay their monthly levies to make it work.


Live dashboard available here https://safewaterkloof.co.za/progress/

Operational Contributions:
The monthly cost of the initiative for each erf is R650, effective from 01 November 2022.
Payment options to the SW Operations Account: http://www.safewaterkloof.co.za/payment-refs
1) Self-scheduled EFT
2) Debit Order to pro admin (link here)
3) Bulk EFT (e.g. 12 X R650=R7,800)

Outstanding Capital:
We are still short of R1.7m for the physical completion of the gates:
Deposit 1: R2 100 per member
Deposit 2: R11 000 per member
Deposit 3: R5 000 per member

If you are able to contribute please visit http://www.safewaterkloof.co.za/payment-refs

Many thanks.

Safewaterkloof Committee