May Newsletter

Dear Residents of Waterkloof, Waterkloof Ridge and Brooklyn

As celebrated in our last correspondence, SafeWaterkloof is proceeding at full steam and we are in the process of earnestly collecting Deposit 2.  Street Captains should have engaged with you in this regard over the past month.  Deposit 2 is essential for the construction of the infrastructure for the hard close, gatehouses and cameras.  We are currently planning a number of social events to familiarise residents with the importance of this initiative, and the benefits it will bring, so keep an eye out for notifications in this regard.

Without Deposit 2, we will be unable to close the suburb, therefore it is imperative that these funds (R11 000 per household) are collected without delay.  We are happy to receive Deposit 2 over a 3 (three) month period, if it is a suitable alternative to Residents.  Currently we have collected R4.5 million and require a minimum of R11m for the construction to commence.  To save time, we have tendered the construction works to obtain fixed and firm costs for the infrastructure.  We will not be able to appoint a Contractor for the full scope of works until we have collected the full R11 million as we are unable to commit budget we do not have.  Therefore please consider immediate payment, or at the very least, payment over a 3 (three) month period.  To pay Deposit 2 by debit order over a 3 (three) month click here and send the completed forms to

Please pay your Deposit 2 to Paxton Cerva using your reference number

SafeWaterkloof NPC Trust Account

Bank: Nedbank Account Name: SafeWaterkloof PC

Account Number: 1185885161

Branch Code: 198765 Account type: Cheque 

The monthly levies for the operational costs (currently R730 per month per household) is available here and can be completed are returned to

We anticipate the operational debit order to commence in October 2021 but this may change as we are dependent on the construction commencement date.  To avoid confusion, a months’ notice will be provided prior to the activation of the operational debit order.

Thank you to Residents who have paid towards Deposit 2 and submitted the operational debit order, we appreciate your valued support!!!  The success of the security initiative is 100% dependent upon the successful collection of Deposit 2 and the receipt of the operational debit orders. 

Till next time, take care.

SafeWaterkloof Team