Construction Started

Good news – we have finalized negotiations with the contractors to start building the entrances. The following contractors were selected via a competitive tender process:

  • Gentech (steel work and  booms, etc) contract value of R4,265,688. 
  • Hoyer Construction (utilities, road works, signage and road markings) contract value of R3,477,907; and
  • Meshtech (fencing) contract value of R1,059,421. 

We believe we have selected the best suppliers based on value for money and quality of the installation. We will see the following activities during the initial phases of construction:

  • Fencing;
  • All temporary signage; 
  • Permanent road signage;
  • Road markings;
  • Road crossings for utilities and; 
  • Construction of islands and gates

Next steps:

  1. We will inform all residents when and where it is taking place as certain roads will be temporarily closed during the roadworks for installation utilities and ducting;
  2. The Main contractor site office and storage facilities will be at the tennis courts next to Brooks Gym (thank you Jannie and Adri);
  3. We will be ordering all of the booms in the next two weeks.  If anyone has a secure storage location for 22 boom boxes 4.5m in length please let us know. (Will fit in a standard garage). Thanks;
  4. We are in the process of designing the gate houses based on your feedback and anticipate installation on site commencing in November 2021; 
  5. We are also engaging with residents adjacent to all gates for access to water and power. You will be likely to receive a phone call from your Street Captain shortly;  
  6. We have already started discussions with Openserve re access to fibre at all gates;
  7. In addition, we are in the process of finalizing the adjudication process for the CCTV and guarding contracts. 


Total collections are approximately 65% of construction costs and/or 52% of members contributing. We will be publishing a new financial dashboard later this week. 


  • You might have received a recent email from Paxton re the Weconnectu system that is being rolled out to all residents.  This will allow residents to login and see their own accounts.
  • This is a system that is fully POPI compliant used for payment receipts and payments to vendors (requiring multiple signatures) see policy here. 
  • A full audit done by Greenpen was completed in July 2021.

We need your support

Here is a link to the details on how to sign up and make your contribution. Many thanks for making Waterkloof Safe!

Kind regards 

SafeWaterkloof Team